Break N Run Farm’s

Break N Run Farms provides high quality care for every horse. Here’s are the services your horse will enjoy:

  • Feed: Horses are fed Triple Crown feeds twice daily and high quality hay daily. Round bales are provided year round in turnouts.
  • Clean Facilities: Stalls are cleaned two times per day and shavings are added weekly. All buckets are cleaned daily and horses receive daily turnout, weather permitting.
  • Health: Horses receive medication and supplements in the morning as needed.
    • We provide holding for the vet and farrier if you are unable to be present.
    • Worms be gone – we offer a deworming program and always use a feed-through fly control during the summer.
    • We take care of your horse’s medical treatments if you can’t make it to the farm
  • Comfort: Horse’s blankets are changed during winter. If fly sheets are provided by the owners we will put them on and take them off. This also applies to fly masks and fly spray before going out.

Personalized attention to the needs of every horse ensures that they are happy and content, ready to perform at their best for you.

We also offer senior care. Your majestic horses can truly enjoy their golden years. We give them the very best senior feed and care. Remember all the great years they’ve given you? Now it’s time to help them enjoy their retirement.